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Quotes About Self Expression Through Art

"expression sometimes give a unknown is a word what is talk itself .this one such a way he /or she can feel what each one is going to say.that day he was on very little away distance - behind me i was getting his expression ! without knowing he felt strong attraction towards some he start to express ! one secured standing close by. find out her through net media, then there was also anger .express was just voice and through fast action . unknowingly he expressed his love to me every day. not even a word but with a silence he came too close to my heart . it is a lovely expression of a person who does not know how to say you are mine-okey?" - Author: ratnammunshi
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Quotes About Wanting Someone To Care

"You know," he said, "I keep wanting to say that its like Simon Snow threw up in here... but its more like someone else ate Simon Snow—like somebody went to an all-you-care-to-eat Simon Snow buffet—and then threw up in here." - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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Quotes About Music Dance And Life

"Lady Dances music wasnt a magic charm. Id misunderstood. We had all failed to understand. The song and dance didnt stop us dying. It just stopped the fear of death swallowing us up while we were still alive. Rejoice, came the soft voice of Lady Dance in my mind. Watch the moon and stars... Death had ruled my life till I met Lady Dance. Her dance had set me free." - Author: Jackie French
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Quotes About Video Stores

"Actors wait tables, directors work at video stores." - Author: Joss Whedon
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Quotes About Extreme Depression

"the intensity, glory, and absolute assuredness if my minds flight made it very difficult for me to believe once i was better, that the illness was one i should willingly give up....moods are such an essential part of the substance of life, of ones notion of oneself, that even psychotic extremes in mood and behavior somehow can be seen as temporary, even understandable reactions to what life has dealt....even though the depressions that inevitably followed nearly cost me my life." - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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Quotes About Planning A Trip

"We know we cannot underestimate the importance of emergency planning in our region, nor can we assume well have ample warning time. If an earthquake or terrorist attack hits, we wont necessarily have advance alerts or opportunities to double- and triple-check our plans." - Author: Ellen Tauscher
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Quotes About A Person Never Changing

"There are only twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. You would think there would only be so much you could do with twenty-six letters. You would think there were only so many ways those letters could make you feel when mixed up and shoved together to make words.However, there are infinite ways those twenty-six letters can make a person feel, and this song is living proof. Ill never understand how a few simple words strung together can change a person, but this song, these words, are completely changing me. I feel like my maybe someday just became my right now." - Author: Colleen Hoover
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Quotes About Hurrying

"Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying." - Author: Jean Cocteau
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Quotes About Hurting Yourself

"Your sense of paralysis will be intensified if your family and friends are in the habit of pushing and cajoling you. Their nagging should statements reinforce the insulting thoughts already echoing through your head. Why is their pushy approach doomed to failure? Its a basic law of physics that for every action theres an equal and opposite reaction. Any time you feel shoved, whether by someones hand actually on your chest or by someone trying to boss you around, you will naturally tighten up and resist so as to maintain your equilibrium and balance. You will attempt to exert your self-control and preserve your dignity by refusing to do the thing that you are being pushed to do. The paradox is that you often end up hurting yourself." - Author: David D. Burns
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Quotes About Feeling Impatient

"To-morrow I will begin," thought Katy, as she dropped asleep that night. How often we all do so! And what a pity it is that when morning comes and to-morrow is to-day, we so frequently wake up feeling quite differently; careless or impatient, and not a bit inclined to do the fine things we planned overnight." - Author: Susan Coolidge
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Quotes About Friends From Books

"I m not about to tell him that I am just like Anna and Emma, an adulteress. My books are my secret lovers, the friends I run to to get away from the daily drudgeries of life, to try out something new, and yes, to get away, for a few hours, from him. He doesnt need to know that my books are the affairs I dont have." - Author: Sara Nelson
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Quotes About A Girl Being Strong

"I dont think I pity her. She doesnt strike me as a girl that suggests compassion. I think I envy her... I dont know whether she is a gifted being, but she is a clever girl, with a strong will and a high temper. She has no idea of being bored...Very pretty indeed; but I dont insist upon that. Its her general air of being someone in particular that strikes me." - Author: Henry James
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Quotes About Ballet Dance

"The ballet embodies the notes of music. And sometimes you almost feel like you can see the notes dance up there on the stage." - Author: Robert Caro
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Quotes About Anticipating Problems

"The wish fulfillment of growing younger is not necessarily all its cracked up to be. You have new problems that arise which you are not anticipating and you deal with the same problems you would deal with if you were ageing normally: what is the end of life about? What have I accomplished?" - Author: Eric Roth
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Quotes About Grief Of A Father

"You can not die of grief, though it feels as if you can. A heart does not actually break, though sometimes your chest aches as if it is breaking. Grief dims with time. It is the way of things. There comes a day when you smile again, and you feel like a traitor. How dare I feel happy. How dare I be glad in a world where my father is no more. And then you cry fresh tears, because you do not miss him as much as you once did, and giving up your grief is another kind of death." - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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Quotes About New Month March

"Wolfgang Pauli, in the months before Heisenbergs paper on matrix mechanics pointed the way to a new quantum theory, wrote to a friend, "At the moment physics is again terribly confused. In any case, it is too difficult for me, and I wish I had been a movie comedian or something of the sort and had never heard of physics." That testimony is particularly impressive if contrasted with Paulis words less than five months later: "Heisenbergs type of mechanics has again given me hope and joy in life. To be sure it does not supply the solution to the riddle, but I believe it is again possible to march forward." - Author: Wolfgang Pauli Thomas S. Kuhn
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Quotes About Quiet Heroes

"Quietism, Buddhism, and other religions, everything which denies the flesh—is the great inferiority to God in ourselves, an escapism seeking sanctuary through fear of life and inability to accept this reality. They were hurt? Or was the odalisque unsatisfactory or too expensive? They expected too much for too little, or were too mean to pay—therefore: "All is illusion". But the Stoic smilingly awaits the next shower of shit from heaven. Stoics are not Saviours, Saints or Heroes and are often confused and weary, yet they prefer to find their own way and to accept life as they find it. The schizophrenics, the melancholics and psychotics—they at least are secretive and inflict no religions on others. They prove the possibilities and utilities of as if when totally accepted." - Author: Austin Osman Spare
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Quotes About Cab Calloway

"I was still in school at the time and Cab was very popular and everybody was doing Cab Calloway so I did." - Author: Billy Eckstine
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Quotes About Holidays And Loss

"Not only weight loss surgery is unnecessary but also it deprives human being a normal life. People after surgery would never be able to enjoy their food ever for the rest of their life whether it is Christmas or they are on their holidays or their child birthday or any other festival. List of problems and complications after the weight loss surgery operation are endless as one may get additional problems such as Hernia, Internal Bleeding, Swelling of the skin around the wounds, etc. I wonder how many weight loss surgeons advice about weight loss surgery to their own family members." - Author: Subodh Gupta
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Quotes About Your One Great Love

"Every Inch of the Way is a great page turning adventure which is as close as you can get, without actually saddling up and pedalling yourself into the unknown. It takes real magic to turn a great adventure, into a great book. For one thing, most people cant relate to the mindset of the long distance cyclist and I found myself laughing along to Toms thoughts and observations, wondering if they were in - jokes, shared by those who had seen the world at the speed of a bike, for example his relationship with Serbias stray dogs! . But his anecdotes have a great balance of the cultures and places, as opposed to just inward reflections, so I am sure would be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in travel and human experience. A lovely story, written from the heart." - Author: Mark Beaumont
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